Saturday, November 10, 2012

"Life is all a see it pass by, but barely to see it, and gasp in its passing."
That is a very important quote, dont forget it. Memorize it. THINK about it. LEARN IT PEOPLE!!!!! dont spend your life sitting on a couch with a bag of chips watching duck dynasty, get off your butt and do something worthwhile!!! God has given you your life to do something with. Maybe He put you here and you have no clue why or what your purpose is. But if you actually get up and try to go find what your good at, or what you like to do, THAT could be your purpose!! you just gotta go find it!!! :) have a great day!!! :D
-Bleeding Hearts
maybe his purpose is for you to fall into a pile of dress up clothes and pretend your Zoro!!!! :DDD

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