Thursday, December 13, 2012

wish right now

i could really use a wish right now!! sometimes life comes at you unexpectedly, and it brings you down. 
Don't life bring you down!! you've got a mind and a heart, and a soul. so when you arrive, bring the fire and make the party come alive. No matter what people say, YOU ARE IMPORTANT!! make that one wish that could change your life. Even if you 100% know that it won't come true, wish it anyways!! No one is stopping you from being who you are. Live life to the fullest!
and if you want to look like a rocker chick like this:
THEN BE A ROCKER CHICK LIKE THIS!! who's to say what you're supposed to wear or what you're supposed to act like or sound like!?!? NO ONE!! be YOU!!
have a great day people!
Sammie Spence


what is love? is love holding someone close, and telling them that you will never leave their side? Is love taking groceries in for your grandmother?
Who is to say what love is?
True love, isn't just saying that you love someone. You've got to prove your love.
If a man comes to the moment of truth, he will be willing to die for the woman that he loves. No questions asked, no hesitation.
So, guys, show your love to the women that you truely love. Dont just say you love her, prove to her that you do! have a good day!!
Sammie Spence

Sunday, November 11, 2012

veterans day

Here's to all those veterans that helped save our nation, God loves you and i love you. Were it not for each and every single one of you, this country would be worse than it is today. God bless and keep you all.
-Bleeding Hearts

Saturday, November 10, 2012

"Life is all a see it pass by, but barely to see it, and gasp in its passing."
That is a very important quote, dont forget it. Memorize it. THINK about it. LEARN IT PEOPLE!!!!! dont spend your life sitting on a couch with a bag of chips watching duck dynasty, get off your butt and do something worthwhile!!! God has given you your life to do something with. Maybe He put you here and you have no clue why or what your purpose is. But if you actually get up and try to go find what your good at, or what you like to do, THAT could be your purpose!! you just gotta go find it!!! :) have a great day!!! :D
-Bleeding Hearts
maybe his purpose is for you to fall into a pile of dress up clothes and pretend your Zoro!!!! :DDD

Feedback yall :P

Hey everyone ;) I can see that my posts have been viewed, and yes, i screamed because I honestly didnt think that anyone would bother to look at them ;) but, to make sure that my family isnt trying to make me feel bad, please leave a comment when you view my posts!!!!!!! :D thanks!!!
-Bleeding Hearts
oh and by the way, try not to get eaten by this guy, i havent fed him in a few days and hes gettin hungry ;) thanks!!!!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Truth in Love

What does truth sound like? Does it sound like the piercing of a blade through a heart? No, that's what lies sound like. Truth sounds like two friends laughing together. Truth sounds like someone singing a song, no matter what their voice sounds like.  Truth is love. So come on guys, speak the truth in love. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

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