Thursday, December 13, 2012

wish right now

i could really use a wish right now!! sometimes life comes at you unexpectedly, and it brings you down. 
Don't life bring you down!! you've got a mind and a heart, and a soul. so when you arrive, bring the fire and make the party come alive. No matter what people say, YOU ARE IMPORTANT!! make that one wish that could change your life. Even if you 100% know that it won't come true, wish it anyways!! No one is stopping you from being who you are. Live life to the fullest!
and if you want to look like a rocker chick like this:
THEN BE A ROCKER CHICK LIKE THIS!! who's to say what you're supposed to wear or what you're supposed to act like or sound like!?!? NO ONE!! be YOU!!
have a great day people!
Sammie Spence

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